Friday, February 18, 2011

We Made It!

After being fogged in at Central Wisconsin Airport and then driving like maniacs to Chicago to catch our connecting flight (we made it to Chicago with 10 minutes to spare!).  We arrived at our hotel in Beijing at around 1:00am this morning.
We're a bit tired, but not as bad as we thought.  Taking a overnight flight was definitely the way to go.  Lucky was a CHAMP on the plane....24 hours of total travel time in the car and in a plane and he was an angel the whole way.  Not one tantrum or fit.....I swear, the kid is so good it's unreal!  He told me this morning: "I had a really fun time traveling with you last morning mama"   :)
I'll try to post more when we get to our province on Monday.  TTFN.....