Monday, May 9, 2011


My husband is a dork. I know it and he knows it. He likes classic country music, still wants to wear stone-washed jeans, and likes to listen to Polka Jamboree on Sunday Mornings. If left on his own, he'd probably leave the house wearing Wrangler stone washed jeans(tapered at the ankles of course), a mock-turtle neck (no, not even a real turtle-neck, a "mock" one), and a 1985 Dale Earnhardt sweatshirt. I buy all his clothes in an attempt to make him presentable, but I gave up trying to "coolify" him a long, long time ago. A girl has to realize when she's fighting a losing battle.

My kids however are another story. They are a clean-slate to work with...and I am determined to lead them away from dorkdom. Come hell-or-highwater, they will be I tell you!!!! And believe me, this is no easy feat considering Lucky is a fair-skinned red head with freckles and Livvie will be the only Asian in school. Put them together and they are quite a pair. But I knew I would prevail, with hard work, dedication, and many, many dollars spent on cool music and clothes, my kids would not end up like their Dad...and then it happened....Polka Jamboree.

Turns out both kids love polka. I give up...might as well just run their underwear up the flag pole now. Enjoy the attached video.