Sunday, June 19, 2011

That New Mom Smell

Three things happened last week that made me realize I've crossed the threshold from being a "starter Mom", to being a "real Mom".  What's a starter Mom you might ask?  A starter Mom is a new Mom, who still has most of her dignity.  Whose life hasn't quite been taken over yet.  This starter Mom phase can last anywhere from a few months to a few years.  But at some point, we all cross over and lose that new Mom smell.  We become quality pre-owned Mom's. 
I dont' know exactly when it happened to me.  But I suspect it was long before the events of this week.  Here's what opened my eyes: 
#1. I was driving into town alone and 20 minutes into the trip realized I was listening to the Letter Factory CD that was playing from when the kids were in the van last AND I was actually singing along.  "The A says ah, The A says ah, Every Letter Makes a Sound, the A says ah".  Now you're singing it in your head aren't you?  You're welcome.
#2. I realized I have absolutely no idea what the hot summer movies are this year or whose in them, but I know that Cars comes out this Friday, it's written on my calendar, and we've actually turned down adult gathering invites to keep our schedule clear for it.
#3. When Lucky was little, I made sure he looked seriously cute whenever we left the house.  Matching shirt and pants?  Check.  Clean face? Check.  Hair combed?  Check.  Complete adorableness?  Check.  When you're a new Mom, you love when you see people checking out your kid and smiling, like when you go through the checkout at Target and the cashier keeps smiling at him and telling you how adorable he is.  Total Mommy baby-compliment meth.    Fast forward almost 4 years.  Checkout lane at Target.  Cashier keeps smiling at Lucky as we check out....I'm smiling thinking she must be lovin' on his cuteness, then I look at him...I mean really look at him.  Red kool-aid mustache, weird Alfalfa thing going on with his hair, stained t-shirt with the too-big bright orange shorts he insisted on putting on that morning and... wait for rubber rain boots.