Friday, November 12, 2010

Update on Ladybug!

TGIF! We received a update on Livvie today. The orphanage sent us five new pictures and a short developmental update. She's healthy and happy and they confirmed she received the photo album we sent her. I was hoping they would say more about if she liked the pictures, stickers, and lullaby CD we sent, but at least it's good to know it got to her. We also found out her nickname is "A Shuai" which phonetically sounds like "a shwaay". For the first few weeks with her, we're planning to try to use her American and Chinese name together "Livvie a shuai". Hopefully it will help her get used to her new name with minimal confusion.

Still no LOA from China and we're getting a a bit frustrated that it's taking so long. Without the LOA we stuck in limbo and can't start piecing together a travel timeline. I'm still hoping for a Feb travel date, but if the LOA doesn't come soon, that may not happen.